Why these conversations?

This research originated from the practice of the author, artist Annabelle Josse, as she investigated her own connection to the land as a main source of inspiration and how moving to Australia affected her relationship to the landscape.

She quickly started to question the specificity of her experience: How do other artists relate to the land? how do their art develop in relation to it? what draw them to the landscape as source of inspiration?

The connection to the land is well documented in the case of aboriginal artists. Less is known about the relationship of non-aboriginal artists with the land they live in and how the landscape inspire their art.  This blog is simply a collection of conversation of non-aboriginal contemporary artists and an attempt to record how the land affect their art practice.


The testimonies have been collected during casual interviews with the artists.
The interviews are built around a set of questions used to guide the conversation with the artists. Of course the spontaneity of the discussion primed over the formality of the set of questions, so occasionally the format may vary to reflect that freshness of approach.
The interviews have been recorded and then transcribed for this blog.

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